Shiba Inu Puppies
 PHONE: 724-468-0401

If you would like to be added to the waitlist for upcoming Spring/Summer litters, please email your name, city, and preference in the puppy. (Male/Female, Color..etc.) Our Shiba's are indoor family members and gets lots of attention 24/7. Our cost is $800 per puppy which includes registration papers with a spay/Neuter contract, MicroChipped with certificate and ID tag, up to date on all shots, Vet record of your puppies visits. Also a puppy pack to take home with you of puppy information, blanket, leash, collar, Nyla Bone, and Birth Certificate. Plus your puppy will be 90% potty trained to go outdoors, and they are taught basic comands. Some puppies will progress in their own time, but we get you started to make the transition easier for you :) Not to mention they are on a schedule, they sleep in there cage all through the night without crying.

Our cost is based on the welfare of the dogs and come with no breeding rights. All puppies must be fixed before you receive the registration papers. If you are intrested in breeding the puppy, the cost is double ($1,600) pending we agree you have good intention and follow the code of ethics of a shiba. We do not want any dogs to go to shelters and mistreated by an owner who does not understand the breed. This is why we are resonable in our cost and become friends with all of our puppies owners. It's nice to have contact with your shiba's offsprings and their new owners.

Our puppies are in the house and detailed on their birth from the day and minute they are born. Also in what order they came out up, when their eyes open, etc. untill they go to their new homes. 

I give each puppy a birth certificate for your records. Our Shiba's are like kids to us. We also video tape the birth if you want to see your puppy being born. Must let us know in advance.

A part of the puppy cost goes to Charity. If you have a specific one let us know :)  

I also Rescue Shiba's and get them the care they need and rehome them.