Shiba Inu Puppies
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Important Information About Shiba Inu's 

Before you consider buying a Shiba, I recommend that you visit the following site. It is a great learning tool about the breed and how precious each one is.                               Visit…

Whether you choose your new Shiba with me or someone else, please ask questions on the health of the puppy, temperament, etc. Here's some tips for choosing a good breeder.

Some things to look out for from a good breeder:

1) A good breeder will usually want to meet up with you, or interview you over the phone before selling you one of their puppies. The more questions the breeder asks you, the better, because that shows he/she cares what kind of home the puppy is moving to.  
I have every person fill out a puppy app and a spay/neutar contract.

2) A good breeder will show you the mother and father (if available) of the puppies and let you interact with them. The temperament of the parents are important because it will affect the temperament of the puppies.   My Shiba's are like my children, indoor little personalities :) Both parents are here for you to meet when you set up an appointment with us. 

3) A good breeder usually breeds from champion bloodlines, and will usually provide you with the puppy’s “family tree” that will contain several champions.   My Shiba's are CKC and/or AKC registered. They are just as good as the other registries. Some even say CKC is Better in many ways.

4) A good breeder will have proper health certifications for the puppies’ parents. This will vary by breed, as different breeds will have different common genetic issues.  My Shiba's come with UTD on shots, wormings, microchipped etc. You may also feel free to contact our veterinarian.

5) A good breeder will give you some kibble, a blanket that smells like the litter, and sometimes a crate and some toys. This will make the transition of homes easier for the puppy. The kibble and smelly blanket are especially important. Your new puppy pack from me include; all paperwork on registry, contracts, payment receipt, a NylaBone, collar and matching leash, a bag of puppy food and a nice soft blanky. A starter kit for your new family member :)  Each puppy also has a birth certificate.

6) If possible, it is a good idea to get your puppy from a local breeder. A good local breeder will hook you up with local breed club activities, and will also be available to help you with puppy issues. We encourage local pick-up of our puppies for many reasons. One to meet the new owner ahead of time and two, so the new owner may visit both parents. We enjoy having other Shiba Lovers over for a visit. We also keep in touch with our Shiba puppies. It's amazing how many Shiba lovers there are that truly understand them. We also take back any puppy with no questions asked if the owners can not keep them anymore. We will then re-home them with little or no fee, depending on the circumstance.